At the Dome we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a wide variety of immersive 360° content.

Whether you want to explore the darkest regions of space or experience what it is like to be swimming with dolphins up close and personal, the Dome has it for you!

We have our home grown created content or third party content to experience! 

Please feel free to take a look at these samples!

TT Experience

The Isle of Man TT races are an annual motorcycle sport event run in a time-trial format on public roads closed to the public on the Isle of Man in May/June of most years since its inaugural race in 1907. It is often called one of the most dangerous racing events in the world.

Solar System

Let’s try to cast our gaze further and higher the horizon and, losing touch from our earthly surrounds, glance deeper into the sky. A great number of celestial bodies and planets surround our Earth. So, what place do we occupy in this immense universe? What is happening on our neighboring planets? Will we find living beings there? Or is life found on our planet alone?testament to the billions spent in wasted energy from lighting up the sky.

the Dome Ride

A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track designed with tight turns, steep slopes, and sometimes inversions. People ride along the track in open cars.

Exploring Peel

Peel (Manx: Purt ny h-Inshey – Port of the Island) is a seaside town and small fishing port on the Isle of Man, in the historic parish of German and the third largest town on the island. We have numerous locations available with the content being continuously updated.

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