Treasures Of The Universe

Since ancient times people have observed distant faint clouds in the night sky. The invention of the telescope leads to the discovery and naming of many more of these nebulae in the 17th and 18th centuries. Later still it was shown that many nebulae were actually distant galaxies. This film lifts the veil on these mysterious clouds and reveals some of the beauty and wonder of the Universe.

Losing The Dark

Starry skies are a vanishing treasure because light pollution is washing away our view of the cosmos. It not only threatens astronomy, it disrupts wildlife, and affects human health. The yellow glows over cities and towns - seen so clearly from space - are testament to the billions spent in wasted energy from lighting up the sky.


The acclaimed digital artist Android Jones, in partnership with 360art, presents Samskara – a stunning visual journey into the mind. Jones’ artwork is inspired by the ancient Sanskrit texts or Vedas. His two dimensional art has been given depth, and combined with sacred geometry, to create a kaleidoscope of imagery never seen before.

Aquarium - Dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins have the second largest encephalization levels of any mammal on Earth (humans have the largest), sharing close ratios with those of humans and other great apes, which more than likely contributes to their incredibly high intelligence and emotional intelligence.


is a wildlife park in The Curraghs (also known as the Ballaugh Curraghs), an area of wetland in the north-west of the Isle of Man. We also have birds and farm animals.

IOM Location - Trees

IOM Locations - Peel

Peel (Manx: Purt ny h-Inshey – Port of the Island) is a seaside town and small fishing port on the Isle of Man, in the historic parish of German and the third largest town on the island. We have numerous locations available with the content being continuously updated.

IOM Transport - MER

The Manx Electric Railway is an electric interurban tramway connecting Douglas, Laxey and Ramsey in the Isle of Man. It connects with the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway at its southern terminus at Derby Castle at the northern end of the promenade in Douglas, and with the Snaefell Mountain Railway at Laxey. Also available is the SMR (Snaefell Mountain Railway).

IOM Transport - Steam Train

The Isle of Man Railway (IMR) (Manx: Raad Yiarn Vannin) is a narrow gauge steam-operated railway connecting Douglas with Castletown and Port Erin. The line is 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge and 15.3 miles (24.6 km) long. It is the remainder of what was a much larger network (over 46 miles (74 km)) that also served the Peel, Foxdale & Ramsey. Groudle Glen Railway & The Orchid Line Train at the Curraghs Wildlife Park are also available.

IOM Transport - Horse Trams

The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway on the Isle of Man runs along the seafront promenade for approximately 1.6 miles (2.6 km), from the southern terminus at the Victoria Pier, adjacent to the Sea Terminal, to Derby Castle, the southern terminus of the Manx Electric Railway. We are in the process of producing a ‘Lifeboat’ program.

Dome Rides

A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track designed with tight turns, steep slopes, and sometimes inversions. People ride along the track in open cars.

Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy)

The Isle of Man TT races are an annual motorcycle sport event run in a time-trial format on public roads closed to the public on the Isle of Man in May/June of most years since its inaugural race in 1907. It is often called one of the most dangerous racing events in the world.